Brick & Mortar vs. Online Stores Essay

Brick & Mortar vs. Online Stores Essay

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Saving money takes time and sensible planning. As an online business owner saving money leads to further funds for the business. Both forms of shopping have their own positives and negatives. With careful research, there are many deals to find when combing both brick and mortar and online shopping.
When choosing to shop online or at a brick and mortar store, start by weighing the pros and cons of each established method of shopping. When shopping online a consumer is are able to browse multiple stores while sitting in their pajamas, no driving from store to store, and there is no need to deal with overcrowded stores. Time is not an issue, browsing online for a pair of shoes might start at three in the morning or five at night. Online shopping brings the global market place directly to a shopper’s front door. Under normal circumstances, the common person would not be able to browse and purchase from stores far away like China.
When shopping online there are piggyback sites that give credit for using them and buying at particular stores. Particularly there is a site called Ebates. It is a free to use site. When following their links to participating stores and make a purchase Ebates sends cash credit back. The credits vary with participating store but some may offer 2% up to 10% back. This further increases the discount overall. There is another popular piggyback site called SmartyPig. Smartypig bases its site around saving money, creating goals and keeping the money at a great return of 1.00% APY. This is a piggyback site, because when reaching the financial goal the option is to either cash out with a check or load to a gift card based on participating stores. When choosing the gift card option SmartyPig will add 5 to 10% cash o...

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...hem online. A great tip is to scout a brick and mortar store, look around for the items wanted or needed. Write down the item numbers, colors, or sizes when they apply, write down current price and sale price. Now back at home a well-informed shopper can keep an eye on the trends of each item online, waiting for the perfect moment to strike and click Add to Cart Button.
The most important aspect is what kind of experience does the consumer want? Do they need to see and feel the shirt they are going to buy? Are they looking to save the most money? Do they want face-to-face interactions with customer service?
When combing coupon codes, use piggyback sites, and researching both brick and mortar and online stores, any consumer is able to generate the best price possible. The consumer holds the wallet that holds the power, and the consumer has the knowledge to use it.

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