Brian Served Us A Delicious Chinese Meal Prepared By His Personal Chef Essays

Brian Served Us A Delicious Chinese Meal Prepared By His Personal Chef Essays

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Brian served us a delicious Chinese meal prepared by his personal chef. We talked jovially as we enjoyed our meal and each other’s company. "Would you like some desert?" He asked. "Not until you tell me the other reason we are having an intimate dinner."

Standing up, he walked toward his office and when he came back, he held a folder and two boxes wrapped elegantly. When he reached me, he handed me the folder first. I opened it and quickly read. The document was his Will and Testament. He was leaving 80 percent of his estate to Beatrice. Mary and I would receive 5 percent each, and the remaining 10 percent would go to his favorite Charities.

Still in shock, I asked. "Why are you including me in your Will?"

Bending one knee, he removed a small box from his pocket and placed it in front of me. "I love you, Isabel, more than you will ever know. I included you in my Will because I want to marry you." He opened the box, picked up the ring and placed it on my ring finger. "What are you doing? I haven 't said yes." "Say yes, Isabel." "This is so unexpected." I whispered. "Please say yes. This ring belonged to my mother. My father gave it to her and I want you to have it whether you marry me or not." "I can 't accept it. Things between you and me are getting better, but we are not where we need to be. We cannot make that kind of commitment now. And, what about your sister? She may want this ring." He smiled. "The ring was given to my mother by my father. Mary has no claim on this ring. I want you to keep the ring. You can give it to Beatrice when she is older. Besides, you know you are going to marry me." He stated jokingly. "You are as arrogant as ever." He laughed, then, gave me a larger box. "Open it." He tol...

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...e and kissed me on the cheek. "I will always be here for you, but I am here for Liz. She is landing in 20 minutes. I can drive you home and be back to pick her up on time." "No. I don’t want to burden you." "Isabel, you will never be a burden to me." He said as he took my carry-on from my hand.

We got in his car and drove to my home. One thing bothered me about Liz arrival. I had spoken to her several days ago and she never mentioned coming to Key West. Also suspicious was the fact that John and Liz hated each other. Why was he picking her up? I got out of his car and retrieved Beatrice while he retrieved my bag from the back seat. As he handed me my bag his phone rang. The minute he looked at the caller ID, he became uncomfortable. "I have to go. I 'll see you later." He said, before getting in his car hurriedly and drove away the same way we came.

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