Brent Staples 's `` Just Walk On `` Essay

Brent Staples 's `` Just Walk On `` Essay

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Brent Staples, who was a journalist of the New York Times, and studied mental philosophy from the University of the Chicago, shows the different subject positions in his published version of the “Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public Space”, and his draft version of the “Just Walk on By”. Brent Staples wrote two different versions of the essay, but the each essay’s subject position is pretty different to the reader. Also, each subject position describes the same situation quite differently by illustrating each way of looking based on dissimilar perspectives. In his Published version, he describes himself “I was twenty-two years old, a graduate student newly arrived at the University of Chicago”(Staples 240). Also, the published version says, “To her, the youngish black man—a broad six feet two inches with a beard and billowing hair, both hands shoved into the pockets of a bulky military jacket—seemed menacingly close”(Staples 240). However, in another version, which is the draft version of the essay before publication, he draws himself “I was wearing my navy pea jacket, the collar turned up, my hands snug in the pockets”(Staples “Another Version”). In another version of his essay, there is no describes the woman’s position who ran away after saw the writer of this personal essay. Without the title, and the author of the writer, those two personal essays seems entirely different to the reader, and each subject positions of these essays makes same situation diversely, which means each perspective and ways of looking make two different essays from the same situations and same events.

Furthermore the Published version of Staples essay ”Just Walk on By”, and draft version of the Staples article ”Just Walk ...

... middle of paper ... to convince the reader the idea that ‘we need to think the diversity in our life’ The writer, Brent Staples, wants to understands himself in this diverse society, and to talk to the reader as the way of showing his personal story by changing subject position as the image of what we look and imagine him.

Finally, Brent Staples shows each different subject positions in his essays as the tall black guy, who wears the jacket and blue jeans surrounding ghetto, the graduate student who majoring in the psychology at the prestigious college, For anonymous women he is dangerous person, and for me he is the writer who wants to talk diversity and his personal story from his essay with whistling Beethoven and Vivaldi. Different subject position of the writing makes totally different essays and give completely diverse ideas relates the diversity in America to the reader.

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