Breed Specific Legislation: Unfair to Pit Bulls Essay

Breed Specific Legislation: Unfair to Pit Bulls Essay

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Niko is a boxer mix from Kansas City, Kansas. Kansas City had a ban against owning a dog of the “pit bull” breed. Niko was taken from his home in 2007 by animal control, and wrongfully accused for the way he looked. He was held in a kennel at the pound during the entire eight month period it took for his owners to get him back. After multiple court hearings, Niko was finally released and sent home with his family (Campbell). Niko’s story is a great reference to the many controversial thoughts people have against the laws regarding breed bans for pit bulls. There was a time in American history that pit bulls were very famous and popular in the US. They were known for the good in their character and their glorious achievements. There are pit bulls that were known as World War I heroes! (“The Truth”). How has history changed so drastically that we now consider these heroes as vicious monsters, banning their breed throughout the country? Each pit bull deserves his or her rights as does any other dog, and many people will agree with that. There are many reasons someone may think pit bull bans are unfair and a form of injustice. Some of the main points those people make have to do with myths or common mistakes people make about pit bulls, the discrimination of individual dogs within a specific breed, and the effectiveness and problems with BSL.
There are many rumors about pit bulls that have spread like wild fire around the country. Some of these rumors are extreme enough to alter a person’s point of view completely, and see this poor animal as nothing more than the monstrosity the media has shown it to be. That is why there are experts and animal lovers who work to prove these rumors as false, and hopefully lift the reputation of pit...

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... a breed altogether, it is the fair and ethical choice, for both humans and pit bulls. “Pit bull supporters continue to argue that they are not in favor of attempting to rehabilitate aggressive dogs, and that they only want the breed to be given a ‘fair shake’.” (“American Pit”).

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