The Breathing Forces of The Mexican Revolution: The Coahuila Manifestation

The Breathing Forces of The Mexican Revolution: The Coahuila Manifestation

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Spiritualism, a philosophical doctrine that believes in communicating and seeking the spiritual world for guidance in the real world. Manuel Sarábia a spiritist that predicted the overthrow of Porfirio Díaz at about the time that he and fellow conspirators were captured and executed. The exploration of economic, political and social forces that structured the Mexican Revolution in the State of Coahuila in the 1800s and how the spirit of reformation is an ongoing process taking place in present day. Because of the geographic isolation in the ƒrontera from the centralized government in Mexico, the state of Coahuila continued with its own approach to liberalism.
Nevertheless, Coahuila by the end of the 19th century evolved into a modernizing state that bloomed like a red rose and attracted foreign and native investors due to the efforts of La Reforma which brought economic prosperity to Mexico. Consequently, Díaz government had a different political objective that collided with liberal interests in Coahuila. General Reyes, (appointed by Díaz)applied military pressure over the state and local authorities to follow direct orders from Central power to implemented laws that only benefited a few. The four economical regions in the state are; 1)North region, as a border for trade between the United States of America and Mexico. 2)Center region, for its mining industry that brought big profit(Madero was part of this industry). 3)The Laguna region, for its successful cotton industry and a rail road system that meditates Mexico City and United States. 4)South East, a prolific agriculture region. These four regions assisted the revolution with finance, transportation and food. Because of the burgeoning economy and the increasing demand for ...

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...did not link these factors together because her intensions were to present the history, influence and growth of a spirit that is still breathing and bettering the lives of Mexican citizens. The book is an excellent reference for the Mexican Revolution in the North and the history of reformation in Mexico. , The Breathing Forces of The Mexican Revolution: The Coahuila Manifestation
Pasztor, Suzanne B. The Sprit of Hidalgo: The Mexican Revolution in Coahuila. Canada: University of Calgary Press & Michigan State University Press, 2002

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