Breath, Eyes And Memory By Edwidge Danticat Essay

Breath, Eyes And Memory By Edwidge Danticat Essay

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In Breath, Eyes and Memory by Edwidge Danticat we are introduced into a new world and a new culture. The travels with the main character Sophie and the transition, she makes leaving Haiti and moving to New York. Mistakes were made but those mistakes turned out to be one that helped Sophie learn to be strong.There were traditions that were broken and struggles a came about to find happiness and love lost.

Danticat’s story focuses on the life of the main character Sophie but also uses the secondary characters to help us formulate on who she is. Being raised in Haiti there are many beliefs. Beliefs are trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. Sophie’s grandmother is one of those old school grandparents that has raised her children with many stories that relate to the growth from teen to adult. Within this novel, there are many short stories that relate to life of Sophie. The short stories connect the readers to what the obstacles the main character faces with growing up and learning.
Falling in love with an individual can be one of the hardest emotions someone can actually deal with. In Breath, Eyes and Memory, our main character Sophie meets an older man who has a complete different life than her. Although the novel does not speak of his age, we would assume he is in his late twenties or maybe even in his early thirties. After leaving aunt Haiti at the age of 12, Sophie moves to New York with her mother.
Falling in love with this guy named Joseph changed Sophie forever. Having her mom find out she was in love with an older man and sneaking out with him made her mother not trust her at all. Having this trust taken away changed the way her mom treated her. A Short story that relates to how Sophie mom treated her af...

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...nd of the bird and get taken back home. Sophie had the decision to chose what to do, either to leave her mom and pursuit what is really right for her and her happiness, or to follow only what her mom wants. She risked losing her mother forever and going to the love o her life. She makes the decision to follow her heart and doing so Sophie found the greatest happiness she could think of.
Being raised from one country then moved another can change the way an individual can think and this is what happened to Sophie. Although she still has her Haitian background in her, Sophie adapted to the new life of a New Yorker. Everything that she did was in the mindset of one. But revisiting her grandmother in Haiti, Sophie learns how although she left ,she still has the blood. The readers come to see how every story the grandmother tells relates to the life of Sophie growing up.

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