Breastfeeding Vs. Infant Formula Essay

Breastfeeding Vs. Infant Formula Essay

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Breastfeeding Vs. Infant Formula
Shareen Sidhu
University of Maryland College
“To breastfeed or formula feed,” a popular question asked amongst millennials who are headed towards the path of motherhood. This frequently debated subject has been on the rise since the 20th century due to the latest information that has surfaced throughout the years and the change in current circumstances that working women now face. With infant formula being a great alternative to breastfeeding, breastfeeding is still the majority-preferred option. While both selections have their similarities, one can see how they differ when viewing the health benefits, the financial effects, and the bonding and attachment experience that each option has to offer.
First off, the difference in health benefits between breastfeeding and substituting for infant formula differentiate substantially. For instance, breast milk already contains all the nutrients and antibodies that a newborn baby requires in order to sustain a healthy up bringing. It is even recommended that children in fact should be exclusively breastfed for up until 6 months of age (“World Health Organization,” 2016). As research continues to show, there are many links tied to breastfeeding and the decreasing rates of illnesses such as asthma, type 2 diabetes, obesity and gastro-intestinal infections (Kim, Hoetmer, Li, & Vandenberg, 2013). Not only does breast milk provide health benefits to the infant, but it is also beneficial to mothers. Whilst breastfeeding, mothers are able to increase the amount of weight loss after giving birth, and reduce the risk of many illness and diseases such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and so on (Kim et al., 2013). On the other hand, infant formula is a growing...

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... to avoid any negative implications. Both methods are a norm in today’s society, and although one may be perceived to be a better option, it is fundamental that there is an alternative choice. Breastfeeding has proven to be the optimal choice as it is the utmost natural method and regime that benefits both the mom and baby in different aspects. Alternatively, infant formula is the next closest supplement available to breast milk. Although it does not equate to the same levels of success as breastfeeding, it comes close to providing similar benefits to both mother and baby. This is especially important to those that may not have the ability to breastfeed. As the standards for infant formula are constantly being challenged and pushed, this will create more advancement in the future and could possibly help grow stronger similarities with breastfeeding.

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