Breastfeeding Mothers : Breastfeeding And The Pregnancy Of Preterm And Term Twins Maternal Factors

Breastfeeding Mothers : Breastfeeding And The Pregnancy Of Preterm And Term Twins Maternal Factors

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The two chosen articles that were summarized are on breastfeeding twins. Breastfeeding in itself can be a huge commitment, but when you have two babies it can get even harder. These articles relate to a pediatric setting because 89% of new mothers choose breastfeeding as their main source for feeding their child in 2011-2012 (Health at a Glance, 2013). Nurses need to make sure that they have the information to teach new mothers about breastfeeding and the benefits to increase the wellbeing of the infant. This topic was chosen because during my clinical experience in pediatrics, I was able to go into the nursery where there was a set of twins, and I was able to witness the mother breastfeeding. I was also able to listen in while the nurse talked about some of the benefits, and gave the mother some tips. I will be going through the main parts of these two articles and applying them to how they can help in future situation in a nursing career.
The first article is “Breastfeeding in Preterm and Term Twins—Maternal Factors
Associated With Early Cessation: A Population-Based Study” by Åsa Östlund, RN, MSc, Maria Nordström, RN, MSc, Fiona Dykes, RM, PhD, and Renée Flacking, RN, PhD. It is describing a study from Sweden that looks at how long both preterm and term twins breastfeed for, and some of the reasons mothers stop breastfeeding before 6 months (Östlund, Nordström, Dykes, & Flacking, 2010). Even though this study is from Sweden, I feel as if the findings can apply to mothers and twins anywhere, including Canada. The statistics given may not be accurate for other countries, but the factors that affect the statistics are still important.
The study contained 695 twins who worn born early, and 962 twins who were born on time (Östlun...

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...of twins can have different eating styles (Bennington, 2011). One may eat more than the other, and one may eat faster than the other. It is important to not let one twin lead the other in feedings (Bennington, 2011). Just because one is hungry, does not mean the other one is. It is a good idea for the mother to maintain a record for the first little while of how long they are feeding, and how much they are voiding (Bennington, 2011). This can make sure that both twins are getting the nutrients that they need.
This article is important because it highlights a lot of information that is pertinent to know before caring for twins who are being breastfed. It is important for nurses to be well informed so that they can educate the mothers. This is important so that the mothers can make an educated decision that is right for her and the twins in regard to their situation.

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