Breastfeeding For A Public Place Essay

Breastfeeding For A Public Place Essay

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A woman breastfeeding her child in a public place in America is more than likely to get a couple rude looks or disapproving stares. Some people think that when a woman breastfeeds that it is distracting or disgusting, whereas others do not bat an eye. People who have problems with women nursing in public places have problems with the woman and how she chooses to expose herself. Ultimately, breastfeeding has become a problem with the sexes. When people see bare breasts in public they think sex. They do not even consider that a woman is just feeding her child. In other countries and cultures mothers breastfeed because there is no other option. If the mothers do not feed their babies, there will be no food and the babies will die. Why is breastfeeding in public such a problem for some people? Is the mother not simply doing her maternal duty to her child by feeding it the food that her body naturally produces? Women’s roles in the home and workforce have changed dramatically over the last 50 to 60 years. Women have been called out of the house and are expected to do it all. People are uncomfortable with this change and do not understand the pressure that women are under in today’s society. Nursing mothers should not be ridiculed for breastfeeding their children in public regardless of social norms, culture or geographic location.
“Breast is best” is a common phrase shared among Obstetricians, nurses, Lactation Specialists, and patients (Grossman). It has been scientifically proven that breastfeeding has numerous health benefits, not only for the baby, but also for the mother. Some of the benefits for the baby include: improving brain growth and development, consuming more healthy carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies,...

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...time housekeeper, taxi driver, and helping provide an income for their families. Some women have faced public scrutiny for breastfeeding in public and have even been asked to leave while doing so. In other countries women are not nearly as criticized for breastfeeding in public because bottle feeding is not the normal there. People think that there are so many simple solutions for women to just cover themselves up or to just go elsewhere to feed their child. Women should not have to stop their lives to breastfeed their children. Women today are called to be in the world and active. Women should not be criticized for simply trying to keep up with the fast- paced world and choosing to experience the joy of being a mother. Nursing mothers should not be ridiculed for breastfeeding their children in public regardless of social norms, culture or geographic location.

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