Breast Is Best As A Health Booster For Mothers And Infants Alike Essay

Breast Is Best As A Health Booster For Mothers And Infants Alike Essay

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"Breast is best." A slogan widely known across the nation encouraging mothers to give their infants what the American Academy of Pediatrics acknowledges as a multifaceted health booster for mothers and infants alike. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends mothers exclusively breastfeed for the first six months of their infant 's life, yet many mothers are falling short of this recommendation. Survey research indicated 75.5% of children were ever breastfed. Of that 75.5% of children ever breastfed, only 12.4% were reported to be exclusively breastfeeding at six months.
Breastfeeding provides a wide array of health benefits for both baby and mother, while simultaneously enhancing the bond between mom and her baby. Mothers who breastfeed have a lower risk of ovarian and pre-menopausal breast cancer. Their babies see a boost in cognitive development, as well as lowering their chances of being obese as adults, unlike formula fed babies. Consequently, a lower risk of obesity correlates to a lower incident of a wide array of comorbidities such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke (Vaaler, Castrucci, Parks, Clark, Stagg, & Erickson, 2011). With health benefits posed such as these, one would think breastfeeding would be a no brainer. Yet, once leaving the confines of the hospital full of clinical staff eager to educate and support the new mother, many mothers are ceasing to continue this invaluable experience. A mother 's support systems once leaving the hospital can play a major role in a mother 's attitude toward breastfeeding, which ultimately determines how long the mother child breastfeeding relationship will last. This paper will provide evidence to answer the question: What role does a mother 's social support sys...

... middle of paper ..., and the more people that know more about the topic, and the more frequently they are exposed to it, the greater the chance of changing society 's view on breastfeeding. Social integration of breastfeeding as the normal infant feeding method starts by engaging a strong social support system for mothers beyond the hospital doors. With a strong support system, perhaps mothers will gain the confidence necessary to establish breastfeeding as commonplace. The best way to normalize a new concept is through repeated exposure (Dunn, Kalich, Henning, & Fedrizzi, 2015). As Henry Ford once said, "If you always do what you always have done, you will always get what you have always got." Perhaps, if society changes the magnifying power of the microscope it lives under, and zooms out a little, it will gain a clearer picture of the image it is so desperately trying to see.

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