Breast Feeding vs Formula Essay

Breast Feeding vs Formula Essay

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Breast-feeding is nutritionally, emotionally and physically superior for a mother and her child. “Human breast milk is not standard nor is it interchangeable with cow’s milk. It is a dynamic fluid that changes in composition to meet the needs of the baby as it grows” (“Giving your Baby... Diet.” par. #10). Breast milk contains growth factors and antibodies which stimulate the growing baby and protect it from illness such as diarrhea, ear infections, rashes, allergies, asthma, skin problems, pneumonia, respiratory illness and other serious illnesses. Breast-feeding also improves a baby’s chance of remaining healthy. These antibodies are not found in formula. They can not be sustained. Breast-fed babies are also neurodevelopmentally more advanced than those fed formula. This is because the ingredients found in breast milk promote brain development. (Neifiert, pars. #5 &7) Breast-feeding is the preferred method for feeding babies because it offers many benefits for both mothers and babies.

There are many advantages for babies who are breast-fed. Babies can digest breast milk easily because the proteins and curds in it are softer than those in cow’s milk. The proteins in breast milk destroy harmful bacteria and help protect a baby against infection (Giving your Baby... Diet.” par #20). A breast-fed baby will have loose bowel movements that are easy to pass. Manufacturers do attempt to lower the curd tension in formula so that it will act as breast milk does. They do this by producing formula that has a higher whey content than cow’s milk. But it is impossible to exactly replicate human milk. Because of the gentleness of breast milk in a babies system, constipation is rare in breast fed infants. Another advantage for breast-fed ch...

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