Breast Feeding Is Really Best For Your Baby Essay

Breast Feeding Is Really Best For Your Baby Essay

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There are various different views regarding breast feeding around the world and article one and two portray these views precisely. This argument questions whether breast feeding is really best for your baby and the varied reasons that there are people on either side of the debate. Key facts in article one are based on the idea that women who chose not to breastfeed are twice as likely to suffer with depression and that you are unable to get loyalty points from big organisations if you breast feed. There are also factual studies by scientists that have done research on discordant siblings and found that there is no significant different between breastfed and bottle fed children. Throughout article two there are many more figures than in article one. For example article shows how breast feeding initiation rates have risen through the use of factual figures and dates. This article also explains the laws surrounding breast feeding and how it is known as discrimination to treat a woman badly, or with a lower level of respect if she is publicly breastfeeding.
‘Is breast feeding really best?’ The title instantly suggests that Article 1 is bias against breastfeeding. However starting with an alluring scientific fact, the article then immediately challenges this with, stating that people that chose not to breastfeed are twice as likely to suffer with depression. This then allows the reader to question their own opinions and get an easy understanding of the argument before continuing with the article. As the article resumes the author states how some women are so brainwashed into breast feeding they don’t realise the harm that it causes. This is reinforced by the story of Charlotte whose mother ‘would pump eight times a day and in...

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...f breast feeding such as clinical depression and weight loss, however article two focuses on the intellectual as well as mental impacts of breast feeding such as IQ levels, mental behaviour and mother to baby relationships.
Although both articles have their clear differences such as formality and level of bias and personal examples included they have a similarity that they believe in their opinion there is not enough support for breast feeders in the UK. The author of article two writes that evidence suggests that people give up breast feeding before they would like, because of lack of support in the early days and weeks since birth. I agree with this statement as I believe the whole argument of whether breast feeding is best lies on the fact that women simply do not know enough about the health risks on both sides to be able to make a true decision for themselves.

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