Essay about Breast Cancer And Its Effects On Society

Essay about Breast Cancer And Its Effects On Society

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In a perfect world, cancer would not exist, but the best that society can do is donate toward cancer research. Unfortunately, as a whole, our society is unaware of where donations are needed and where their donations are going. The diseases with the most victims receive less donations than diseases that do not kill nearly as many. One of the biggest aspects of the misallocation of donations is the simple fact that donations are being sent to the wrong places. Childhood cancer, of all the cancers, seems to receive the least amount of donations. Many people donate toward diseases with good intentions, but childhood cancer is not receiving an adequate amount compared to other foundations or associations.
Cancer donations are not being allocated evenly or to the most fatal cancers. Breast cancer earns more donations than any other disease in America, while it kills a lot less than other diseases. Breast cancer earns nearly $258 million in donations yearly (Bushak fig). Breast cancer caused 41,374 deaths, and while that is a significant number, it is quite small compared to heart disease which killed 596,577 people (Buschak fig). Heart diseases receives a significantly smaller donation than breast cancer, which proves the misalignment of donations. Of all the cancers, breast cancer receives the most attention. In Canada, there are 44 different breast cancer charities (Deadliest par 8). After breast cancer, prostate cancer receives the second most donations in the United States. Prostate cancer earned $147 million in donations and caused 21,176 deaths in 2012 (Buschak fig). According to CBCNews, the deadliest cancers have the least amount of charities, such as stomach cancer which does not have a single charity and lung cancer that ...

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...ildhood cancer is.
The misallocation of Cancer donations is a controversy that seemingly has no end. The list of alleged scandals and conspiracy theories goes on forever. The misallocation of Cancer donations is due to lack of knowledge. Society is not aware of where their donation is going, and the common person does not care to research it. Everyone wants to make a difference and help, but the cancers that need the most are not receiving adequate amounts. Donations are spent in various ways, and unfortunately they are not always spent properly. Childhood cancer is a huge victim when it comes to the misalignment of donations. When it comes to children battling cancer, the foundations and associations are extremely underfunded, and there is not an adequate amount of awareness. Childhood cancer causes more deaths now than ever, and donations are greatly needed.

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