Breast Cancer : An Horrible Disease Essay

Breast Cancer : An Horrible Disease Essay

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“Just take my hand, together we can do it, I’m gonna love you through it.” (I’m Gonna Love You Through It- Martina McBride). Breast cancer is an awful disease that will change your life in a single moment. ”Everything in my life was turned upside-down. I really had a wonderful life; A husband, three children. And breast cancer came along and just smashed my world” (Janelle’s Journey). Breast cancer is an aggressive war that takes a great amount of fighting to survive. “You go from being perfectly healthy, to feeling like, ‘okay, I’m dying’. It started a whirlwind of things that I never anticipated having to go through.” (Bonnie’s Story- Beyond The Shock). Did you know that the youngest person ever to have been diagnosed with breast cancer was 3 years old? Her name is Aleisha Hunter, from Toronto Canada. A lump was detected in her chest when she was only 2 years old. She is now in remission. It has been said that breast cancer is more of a increased risk after puberty when breast tissue starts growing.
Early detection can allow a positive outcome in a breast cancer diagnosis. Ways to early detect would be self-breast exams at home, annual mammograms and genetic testing for the BCRA1 and the BCRA2 abnormal gene. It has been said that when people are tested for the abnormal gene and are found to carry it, it is normally passed from either parent. Not only do women develop breast cancer, but men are also at risk. If detection is caught early enough there can be a high survival rate. Some symptoms and signs are a lump, change in size or shape of breast, nipple pain, discharge or bleeding of the nipple, change of skin color and texture, or breast becoming swollen or feels warm. It is advised to seek medical attention upon discovery o...

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... to help them in any way possible. Thus, you should donate money and support this foundation because it is one of the top-rated charities in the United States. In any case, this foundation does great things to help people with breast cancer. Contributions to NBCF can help by using the money to provide the mammograms and other programs included in this organization. Financial offerings can help women detect breast cancer and have it treated early. Breast cancer has no cure, but NBCF can allow people to have a chance at life. It would truly help many people if you educated yourself, your friends and your family. Knowledge can mean everything in cancer diagnosis. Given these points, everyone should take action with this disease. Janelle Hail is now living her life as a cancer survivor and giving the gift of life through NBCF to all those who deserve to come out on top.

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