Essay on Breaking The Kitchen Jeanie Sees The Coffee Maker

Essay on Breaking The Kitchen Jeanie Sees The Coffee Maker

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Stumbling to the kitchen Jeanie sees the coffee maker is turned on with half a pot still simmering in the canister.
"Joe must 've called her in early," she thinks, pouring herself a cup. She started to sit down at the table when the phone rings. She runs over to answer it.
"Mom, it 's Rachel. I need you to pick me up from the hospital."
"The hospital, what happened sweetheart."
"I fell and hit my head, the boss panicked, sent me to the hospital to get checked out. She didn 't mention the impact from the bullet made her fall because she knew Jeanie would throw a major fit. Worse than the one she 's already going to have.
"Are you alright?" She asks.
"The doctor said I 'm fine."
"This is the second time this week you 've been injured on the job."
"I know mom but."
"I wish you 'd go back to nursing. You 'd be a lot safer if you did."
"Not really mom. Drug addicts rob hospitals all the time, besides I like my job."
"I 'd rather you 'd be working at the hospital than chasing hoodlums around town all hours of the night."
"Will you come get me, please?"
"I 'm on my way." Plopping down in the chair Jeanie begins to cry.
"Please god don 't take her away from me. Please lord not agains" she bawls. Seeing her mother sobbing at the kitchen table, Emma races to her side.
"What 's wrong, mama?"
"It 's Rachel, she 's in the hospital."
"Oh my god, is she alright?" She asks alarmed.
"She said she 's fine."
"Why are you crying?"
"I 'm afraid I 'll lose her," she bawls.
"Oh mama, you 're not going to lose her."
"I hope not Emma. I love you both so much, and I don 't know what I 'd do without either one of you guys."
"We love you too," she says wrapping her arms around her sobbing mother.
Joe, the dogs isn 't picking up his scent anywhere....

... middle of paper ...

...punch," he laughs, as he continued to drag her to the van. Doubling up her fist she punches him in the nose.
"You 'll pay for that one, bitch," he spat, tightening his grip around her neck.
"Help me! Please, somebody, help me!" She screams, struggling to break free.
"Hey, what 's going on over there?" A man asks, running towards them. Seeing the intruder heading in their direction, the gunman pulls the weapon out of his pocket and shoots. The victim tumbles to the ground. Throwing the van door open, he tosses the hysterical woman inside. He starts to pull the sliding door closed when Emma brings her feet up and kicks him as hard as she can in the chest. The weapon flies out of his hands, as the kidnapper stumbles across the pavement. Jumping out of the van, Emma darts towards their apartment.
"Help me, someone please help me!" She screams, running to the apartment.

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