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Breaking The Ceiling Glass Ceiling Essay

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Breaking the ceiling Glass
Glass ceiling is an invisible barrier limiting women from progressing to the top of the corporate ladder. In the article, Women in leadership: persistent problem or progress”. Kochanowski argues that there is multiple reason for the “glass ceiling” barrier. She argues that women face gender based stereotypes. Women receive the argument that they all have family responsibilities. Women’s traditional roles hinder their ability to succeed In. Although research suggests that “women who are highly career focused found little evidence in work and family interference between men and women”. In the “The real reason so few women are in the boardroom” Nemko argues that women do not make progress at the top because they would rather have a balance life between work and family while their male counterparts are willing to put in more hours at work. He says “It is women who, on average, who cares more about having lots of time with children” (para 14). Both Authors agree that the “glass ceiling” phenomenon exists but for different reasons.

Having at least 30% of women in leadership positions, or the “C-suite,” adds 6% to net profit margin (Anderson). However, women are less likely to get a top position job. Women are not able to surpass the phenomenon “glass ceiling”. Naturally, such a significance topic has spawned heated debate. There are people who believe that women put more efforts at home rather than at work. Although, People think women don’t have the capabilities to run a company, Executives should consider them because they are more biologically better nurtures and they understand the women consumers (Hall).
Women are better leaders because they are better nurturers. They are able to talk to t...

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...g fault, taking responsibility or simply saying, "I 'm sorry." This is because they have a "take no prisoners" approach to business relations as opposed to trying to find a way for everyone to benefit. Assertive leaders are confident and know that when they do admit their mistakes, apologize, and take responsibility when things go wrong, it only enhances their status as a leader.” (Adubato) Therefore, these arguments are not sufficient to keep women out of the top positions. Their leadership enhances the work place and makes it more productive.
Some leadership behaviors, which are more frequently applied by women than by men in management teams, prove to enhance corporate performance and will be a key factor in meeting tomorrows business challenges. Hence, promoting gender diversity and leadership variety by including women is of strategic importance for Executives.

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