Essay on Breaking The Barriers Of Terror

Essay on Breaking The Barriers Of Terror

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Breaking the barriers of terror, is what you will acquire to grasp from running away from the dangers in life great or small. Looking back at the shackles you broke free from; fighting your way through the most intense moments and hardest parts in your life. To be sane enough one has to be insane to get their mind set on overcoming the struggles you will face. Many will ask you why you do it, if the pay is slender but the struggle is humongous. You will see later on in life that money is not what one is put here to gain, but the greater good is what you are put here to do. People see the men and women to be insane to be infantry or any M.O.S, but the spoils to the victor are great by the respect, knowledge, brother, sisterhood and travels one endures in this occupation.
You might think that in the armed forces an education is not needed, but it is quite the opposite. That they are just crazy running around shooting at anything that moves, but it’s more than that and an education is necessary. The High School diploma is all you really need to get in, but if you have a GED you can enlist but with more resistance towards you getting in without the bonuses that others with a diploma. San Diego, California is where many will go for the thirteen-weeks of basic training requirements. When you arrive many will stand with you on those yellow footprints that many have stood on before you, but you will see that boot-camp is not a joke when that bus lets off those screeching brakes and disappears into the dark rode behind.
You will go through Three Phases at MCRD with in a matter of 13 weeks. While interviewing SSGT. Hardwell, boot-camp, M.O.S training, and school will take all around one year and a half to complete.
First phase: one will g...

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...any more over sees. ("U.S.M.C SSGT. Hardwell." Personal interview. 9 Feb. 2015). Many will see different faraway lands; to see places they couldn 't ever imagine. From one country to another you will see the great travel opportunities that the Marines has to offer.
The whole purpose of a Marine is to overcome the obstacles you endure in military and civilian life style. Becoming that one leader everyone has searched for in these days filled with hardship and turmoil. Many will see you different from once you left. But you are the one who sees yourself turn for the greater good. Many will step up with you at those yellow foot prints, but also many will fall right after those prints trying to reach that same goal you’re fighting for. That eagle, globe, and anchor is what you come for and with that fight in your heart you will leave with that eagle, globe, and anchor.

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