Breaking Ground Into A New Country Essay

Breaking Ground Into A New Country Essay

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Breaking ground into a new country can be an exciting yet critical time for an organization. GMFC plans to expand into the US, building a large manufacturing plant, which will employ 500 employees. To combat the possibility of unionization, GMFC has established a planning committee for guidance. Many factor attributes to keeping a union out of the organization, following specific guidelines of the committee should warrant successful results.
Finding the right location for GMFC is essential in establishing the organization’s ability to flourish. First the location must have ample space to hold all the equipment, contain an adequate inventory room and provide the necessary room for employees to work (Scherban, 2014). Secondly the location must have a place for staff to park (Scherban, 2014). A parking situation that doesn’t provide enough space for everyone causes dissatisfaction, providing parking near or at the facility will avoid this. Thirdly GMFC should be located in an isolated area, this will alleviate the noise concern production of equipment generates.
Generally speaking, there isn’t a magic formula behind sizing an organization. Successful organizations take into account the number of motor drives, pumps or other common equipment, within respective industries, in relation to the size of the production workforce (Idhammar, 2011). Particularly, it is common to say that production costs should be less than 2% of estimated replacement value of the equipment utilized to operate the organization (Idhammar, 2011). In turn, the cost of employees should factor between 30 to 60% of the cost needed to operate the organization, depending on where the facility is located (Idhammar, 2011).
To determine if the sizing ...

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Establishing an organization can be a very difficult task, especially one that is large in size. Keeping the organization union free takes collaboration from many elements of the organization. Maintain the efficient amount of employees will keep satisfaction high within the organization. Choosing a location that is specific to the needs of GMFC will ensure safety and profitability of the organization. Enabling wages and benefits to maintain a standard, and possibly provide a few benefits that the union is incapable of providing. Additionally, consistently monitor how their employees feel they are being treated within the organization. This gives them the ability to establish discrepancies and address them quickly. After all, a productive and union free workplace is achievable, provided everyone works to maintain a certain level of efficiency.

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