Breaking Bad is the Single Dominating Modern-day Television Series America

Breaking Bad is the Single Dominating Modern-day Television Series America

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When it comes to shows on television today, many of the series that air aren't anything to go crazy over, yet this definitely isn't the case for creator Vince Gilligan's, “Breaking Bad.” “Breaking Bad” follows the life of Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston), an ordinary high school chemistry teacher. With a loving wife and teenage son at home, over time, Walter has formed an exceedingly mundane routine for his life. After soon discovering that he had been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, Walter decided to take extreme measures in order to secure his family financially: he would descend into a world so dark and so utterly twisted, that it would eventually consume him. Walter White became Heisenberg; the greatest drug lord the streets had ever seen. As he ascended in status within the drug cartel, the love and trust he had from his family quickly descended. There are thousands of reasons that explain why millions of people tune into “Breaking Bad.” Because of the outstanding acting, seemingly distorted reality, and uniquely relatable storyline and characters, “Breaking Bad” tops the charts as the best modern-day television series that cable has to offer.
Back in 2000, viewers, including myself, were introduced to Bryan Cranston in the television show, “Malcolm in the Middle.” He played the role of a father with three extremely unruly children. His acting was good, and he played an integral role in the series, yet it was nothing close to the magnitude of greatness in “Breaking Bad. This comparison can be easily applied to multiple other televisions shows viewers flip through today. Cranston and his co-actors and actresses should have been showered with Emmys the instant they stepped onto the set of “Breaking Bad.” Cranst...

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...nd no definite lines to guide the audience, “Breaking Bad” keeps viewers on the edge of their seat, hiding behind their seat, and throwing their seat at their T.V.
Mastermind Vince Gilligan did the world a favor when he decided to defy the norms of the modern T.V. drama series, and break out with “Breaking Bad.” “You have hopes and dreams, but I never even thought this show would go on the air,” Gilligan admitted at the 2013 Emmy Awards, as he stood alongside his Emmy-winning cast members. The renowned creator of this hit series brilliantly pieced together a dark world filled with cartel, crime, and crystal meth. Thanks to the flawless acting, the surreal mix of scientific fact paired with creative vision, and the immensely engaging characters, there is no doubt that “Breaking Bad” stands as the single dominating modern-day television series America has to offer.

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