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As we enter into the dissection of the novella Breakfast at Tiffanys, the reader must be skilled to understand ways to interpret this book. This book is multilayered which can direct the reader into different directions based on their beliefs or backgrounds. Cultural context can be described by a person’s upbringing and cultural background. This includes referral to the person’s thoughts, opinions and feelings that result from experiences they have had. As the author of this paper, it will be my focus to correlate the book to the ideology of Separate Spheres.
This is defined by Wikipedia as separate spheres for women and men. Culturally located in Europe and North America, it emerged as a distinct ideology during the Industrial Revolution, although the basic idea of gendered separation of spheres is much older. The notion of separate spheres dictates that men, based primarily on their biological makeup as well as the will of God, inhabit the public sphere – the world of politics, economy, commerce, and law. Women's "proper sphere", according to the ideology, is the private realm of domestic life, child-rearing, housekeeping, and religious education. The separate spheres ideology presumes that women and men are inherently different and that the sex differences as well as the resulting separation of spheres are "natural".

Therefore, though this text can be interrupted in many different fashions by the reader, it will be the focus of the author of this paper to center on the separate sphere theory and how it is exhibited in this story.
In the novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the main character, Holly Golightly, is a 19 year old country girl that travels to New York City looking for wealthy men. Initially, Holly doesn’t hav...

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...ifestyle that was out of the norm for the century. There are many examples of cultural context theories that could be applied to this text. The text was an easy read and used great descriptions to establish what a person would perceive Holly to look like. It is interesting to compare cultural beliefs and context to current day beliefs when reading novels from earlier time eras. It is my opinion that the saying “times change” is valid and supportive of this text as it relates to Separate Spherical Ideology.

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