Essay on The Breakdown of a Manuscript and the Content

Essay on The Breakdown of a Manuscript and the Content

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The Breakdown of a Manuscript and the Content
The introduction, located in the first paragraph of the manuscript, prepares the reader. It documents the main points covered and gives the reader insight into the rest of the paper. The synopsis of the article Management of Diabetes in the Dialysis Patient includes four crucial content areas, which are headings, abbreviations, crediting sources, and reference.
The supervision of dialysis patients is difficult to manage but especially those patients diagnosed with diabetes. It is even more difficult and challenging to manage the patients care because people diagnosed with diabetes need 2 to 3 times more resources for healthcare, which can consume the national healthcare budget by as much as 15%. Dialysis patients with diabetes have a life expectancy that is shorter than dialysis patients without diabetes. The diabetic patients on hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis are challenging to manage.
Hemodialysis patients with diabetes are more likely to have drops in their blood pressure during treatment. The patients will become syncopal without immediate intervention. The drop in the blood pressure ultimately terminates hemodialysis treatment before reaching the patients dry weight. The most effective way to treat high blood pressure in hemodialysis patients is to pull the proper amount of fluid off during the treatment. The excess fluid that remains causes exacerbation of hypertension and the patients will need medication to control the crisis.
The diabetic patients on peritoneal dialysis have their own challenges. The dialysis solution that is used has glucose that the body could absorb. This could lead to elevate blood sugar, increase lipids in the blood, and increase weight ...

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...ations, crediting sources, and reference. Knowing proper writing content and how to apply it in a manuscript will provide a better reading experience to the audience.

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