Essay on `` Bread And Roses `` : A Book Based On The True Events That Happened

Essay on `` Bread And Roses `` : A Book Based On The True Events That Happened

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Bread and Roses is a book based on the true events that occurred in Massachusetts in the early 1900; It recalls the detailed events that took place during the 1012 Lawrence textile strike. This strike is regarded as the longest strike ever taken place, lasting a total of nine weeks. The spark that initiated the strike was the cut the down of the workers ' hours, in addition to a cut in their wages. Back in the 1900’s, the working class was the least paid employees in the Country; not only did they work long hours, but were also paid barely enough to feed and clothe their families. Their living conditions were certainly not ideal. At that time, most of the factory workers were immigrants that came to “La ‘Merica”, as Italian immigrants called it, because they were promised a better life. However the dire living circumstances they we experiencing forced them to do something; a strike seemed like the only thing left to do, after all, without them, the factories would not be able to function. Through this strike, Lawrence saw for the first time what a strong and organized labor union could accomplish.
The main reason the mill workers struggled so much to obtain what they deserved, was because the government constantly sided with the mill owners. It was unfair that the mill factories kept growing, business was better than ever and their owners only became richer and richer, while their employees would only become poorer an poorer.They were working over 40 hours a week, and still struggled to make ends meet; in fact, it was a luxury for them to eat molasses let alone any kind of meat, and cloth would be used until it was no longer possible. This were conditions in which no one should live in, specially in the United Stated which had b...

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...ditions of discontent. Nonetheless, immigrant only wanted what they had been promised, a land of opportunities. Granted that employers wouldn 't have prevent unionizations, the strike may have not escalated as fast as it did; by not allowing people to organize in what was believed to be a “free” country, they were only making way for anarchism. Being that in the long run, it would 've been better for everyone if the mill owners would have listened to their employees demands and reach a consensus like civilized people. Lastly, the government should have played a role in labor disputes, as a mediator between two sides that are looking to benefit themselves. This strike proved many things for the future, things needed to change for the working class as much as they were for the richest one percent; labor unions brought about this change, by giving a voice to the people.

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