Essay on Brazil's Legacy in Soccer

Essay on Brazil's Legacy in Soccer

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No other country can compare to the great nation of Brazil when it comes to the beautiful game of soccer. Since their entrance as full member of FIFA, or Fédération Internationale de Football Association, in 1923, the country of Brazil has accounted for numerous trophies as well as individual awards for its players (“Brazil”). Brazilian futebol, or soccer, has reached international stardom because of its history consisting of ground breaking teams, revolutionary players, and winning performances in competitive tournaments.
Although it is not the most competitive and attractive league, the soccer league, Liga Do Brasil, has still managed to produce teams that in their golden ages became international powerhouses. Santos Futebol Clube holds a joint record for most league titles, eight titles, in the history of Liga Do Brasil. It has also been very successful in the Copa Do Brasil, a knockout tournament that is played not only by the first division but as well as teams from lower divisions. Santos would first peak and enjoy success in the years from 1961 – 1965. In those fours years, Santos was widely considered as the best team in the world. In that time it won six of its eight national titles, five of its six national cups, also was crowned two time South American champions, and also once international champions (“Santos FC Characteristics”). That team consisted of a defense lead by legends like Gilmar and Zito but the most notable player in their starting eleven was Pelé. It took around fifty more years for Santos to win multiple titles in a season. In the 2010 – 2011 season Santos won a national title as well as a South American Title (“Santos FC Characteristics”). Neymar, just like Pelé, was the essential key to winning those ...

... middle of paper ... throughout history. With all they have contributed, Brazil is widely deserving of the title as THE football nation. Soccer would surely be dull without the participation of this country.

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