Essay on Branding Influences Consumer Buyer Behavior

Essay on Branding Influences Consumer Buyer Behavior

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Branding Influences Consumer Buyer Behavior
In order to fully understand the impact that branding has on the consumer buying behavior, there has to be an understanding of what exactly is meant by it. Branding refers to a name, term, sign, symbol, design, or more than one combined that will allow consumers to identify and differentiate an individual product or service from their competitor. It also adds value to any purchase by being well-known and trustworthy to the consumer. This value and trust allows consumers to develop relationships with the certain brands. Their relationships with these brands affect the buying decisions or behavior. Consumer buyer behavior refers to the buying behavior of the people that buy products and services for personal consumption who then become final consumers. These finals consumers make up the consumer market that include consumers from all over the world who vary from different age groups, income status, educational level, or even their different tastes. Consumers make buying decisions all the time and for marketers this is one of the most crucial points in getting their product or service out to the market successfully because marketing is all about building brands that connect deeply with consumers. Branding has a direct influence on the consumers and the corporate social responsibility plays a big role on consumer behavior in guaranteeing the success of a product or service.
There are different types of brands which include the following: product, service, line, range, corporate, shared, endorsed, place, and cultural. Product and service branding creates a name, symbol, or design that identifies and differentiates it from similar ones on the market. This is where a brand name and exclusive ...

... middle of paper ... diverse across the world. Therefore, businesses cannot use only one message to promote their brand. There has to be a lot of market research done in order to understand these cultural values which will help modify each message to fit the values held by the consumers in each particular culture. It is important for brands to adapt their message to the wants and needs of the consumer. In individualistic cultures, advertising needs to inform the consumer and influence their decision. It must show the personal advantages that can be gained from choosing that brand which can either be the trust it offers the consumer or the personality.
A consumer assigns a certain personality to a brand based on that consumer’s attitude about it. A brand name has a lot more meaning behind it than most people would think and that is a brand strategy used to gain the trust of consumers.

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