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Branding And Advertising For Organizations Essays

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Branding created for corporations or corporate groups, rather than for products and services. Brand identities and experiences are created for new companies, company mergers, and companies that go through name changes or want to be restored.
• Organizations:
Branding and advertising for organizations, both national and international, can include medical research, humanitarian, social or environmental issues, political, and nonprofit organizations anything that is in the public interest.
• Cause-related marketing and advertising:
Funding for nonprofit organizations can be sponsored by brands and corporations.

Basically branding is a procedure that generates revenues that cannot be counted; also because of it a status is generated which cannot be seen.
(a) Business: In a business the procedure of branding involves making a good brand name that ensures the individuality and distinctiveness of a particular product. Also the brand name has to be registered according to law so that the other marketers cannot copy name of the products. Branding can be done for anything that can be sold in the consumer’s market and a special brand can also be made. There are few advantages of branding like it is legal when it is registered according to the law and also can be helped in making a status in the market. Also there are few well-known companies who launch a new product so they mention that the product is from the particular brand only which is also an advantage as when compared to other company’s product the already presumed company would get first choice because of its already existing status and good will.
(b) In Marketing- Through marketing a company does the study of requirements or demand in a market and create a...

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...pany or organisation and if they find something good and productive from their need then only they buy it. Convincing or handling these customers is a challenge as these customers do not have a need of buying any specific product so showing them all the useful product and recommending them some good products to make them buy it is quiet difficult. Also if these customers are satisfied then they will provide the company or organisation with good amount of customers.
4. Need based customers- These customers have a specific product as their need for which they come to the company/organisation. If they get that particular product in the company they will look and search for the one that could fulfil their need and if they do not find that product in the company they won’t stay to see some other product they will immediately leave and go into some other company where they

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