Essay about Brand Management Is Perception Management

Essay about Brand Management Is Perception Management

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In almost every industry, brand as a representative symbol that is known by customers to classify various product characteristics in life or business, and the use of the corresponding product that the customers need especially when the brand loyalty comes into the customers’ mind. However, a few people really understand the meaning of a ‘brand’. A definition of a brand referred by Feldwick, which can be a collection of perceptions in the mind of a customer. In other words, if a brand is a collection of perceptions, as such it could be said logically that brand management is perception management. Brands can be seemed as the sum total of relationships among stakeholders, and also is the total personality of an organization (firm, agency charity). For instance, Simoes and Dibb (2001) argue that brand plays a vital role in service companies because strong brand increase customers’ trust of the invisible, enabling them to better visualise and understand the intangible and reduce customers’ perceived financial, social or safety risk. Good brand desires to connect with their customers on an emotional perception so that it becomes trusted. The John Lewis Partnership is one such organization that has created this special relationship, as has Apple. Virtually, Managing perception is not considered an easy task, thus brand management can be considered a challenging aspect of growing and maintaining a business (Feldwick, 2002). For those large enterprise and most SMEs, brand management is not only a part of the company’ management system, but also be considered as a primary task that can bring large capital for the company. Even some financial professionals have developed the statement that a brand has an equity that may exceed its conventio...

... middle of paper ... Hence this paper has four objectives involves in the relationship between brand management and the firm’s success through two large-sized enterprises, LVMH and L’Oreal. The objectives are following:

1. The background and definition of brand management.
2. The successful brands toward they firm’s brand management in large-sized enterprises (LVMH and L’Oreal).
3. How these brands to be successful through the brand management and strategic approach in large-sized enterprises (LVMH and L’Oreal).
4. Brand management plays a major role in the development of a firm, and there is a positive relationship between brand management and the firm’s success.

This paper aims to use the literature review as the methodology to surround the operation of the brand management, combine the objectives that this paper has set and then to critical analyze the result and discuses them.

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