Brand Journalism And Its Impact On Journalism Essay

Brand Journalism And Its Impact On Journalism Essay

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Journalism involves researching, reporting, collecting, writing, editing, and spreading news for the worldwide audiences. But is brand journalism the same as journalism? Absolutely. From what we see everyday, political journalism is journalism, sport journalism is also considered journalism, blogs about local or international issues are journalism, even face book or Twitter posts are also journalism. Brand journalism is a company investing in content and becoming a provider of news. It is more, much more, than a series of press releases and product launches (LEWIS, 2012). Just like the broadcasters’ purpose is to increase audiences, brand journalism is to raise the awareness from the audiences and to build a strong connection between the publishers and the readers. In order to establish readers’ trust, brand journalism has to be based on facts, it has to be fast and topical, new content should be generated often consistently last but not least, it must give value to the readers. Brand journalism must stand up to these finest values of journalism to encourage loyalty from the audiences and keeping a good relationship with them. 20 years ago, journalism was all about long paragraphs and lectures, it contained researches and facts and by putting them together, news is formed. Nowadays, readers and publishers have a closer relationship; readers are becoming “users” slowly, which means journalism is now formed by the combination of publishers’ opinions and the readers. Nowadays, people communicate with each other by sharing stories related to one another. Advancement in technology gave us access to share greater amount of stories, and we tends to make our decisions based on those stories. Story is the essence of communication, always ...

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...e certain about a subject matter (Lewis, 2012). This has a negative effective on brand journalism because people still have their doubts on the content that they received. Advanced technology is one the most important reason that boost the popularity of brand journalism, the Internet gave access to everyone to bypass the media and deliver their information to the public directly. This is why people nowadays have a hard time trusting what they hear and what they see through brand journalism. People support and argue about the evolution of brand journalism, but it all goes back to what way people feel the most comfortable receiving the news from, whenever choosing a news source, it is important to verify the reliance of the source. Whether the news is editorial or brand journalism, as long as the facts are accurate and truthful any source can be reliable (Rodgz, 2014).

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