The Brand Development Process Is Categorized As An Important Element Of Business Development Matrix

The Brand Development Process Is Categorized As An Important Element Of Business Development Matrix

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1.1 Problems Background
The brand development process is categorized as an important element of business development matrix. The overall sustainability and progress of the business depends on brand development framework of the organization. In this reference the role of consumer is significant to contribute significantly in brand success and determine the profitability of the firm. Consumer contributes positively to improve the marketing strategy of the firm and helps to understand the consumer psychology that includes consumer thinking process, consumer perception regarding the brand, consumer behavior toward the brand, key characteristics of the brand that are considered significantly by consumer to determine the consumer taste and make purchase decision in a competent market environment (Perner, 2015).
The key factors that are identified as core element in brand selection process include the demographic, geographic, cultural, social and environmental factors. These are highlighted as the external factors to the business and determine the brand selection process of the consumer in local market in a country. It is explored that consumer information level is another constraint and determinant to determine the brand selection process of the consumer during making purchase decision and defining preferences (Wanke, 2014). Although there is number of studies conducted to analyze the impact of different factors that influence in deciding the preference considering different brands operating in the market and its impact on the consumer purchase decision making process. This ultimately impact the market share of the brand within the product segment but still it is mutually considered among marketers that it is difficult to define the con...

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... to the part of preference list. Secondly, pricing structure of the tea brand an expensive brand is less appreciated among consumer within the market place with less expensive offers with competent features. Hence it is necessary to structure the pricing of the tea brand as per market practices and reflect the consumer purchase capacity.
Furthermore the distribution channel is also considered as significant elements to affect the consumer tea brand selection process in Pakistani market. On time availability is considered very significant and necessary among the marketers and retailers as a key success factor for a tea brand and determine the customer loyalty towards the tea brand. Therefore a tea brand with significant and strong distribution channel is considered as a competitive edge to the tea brand to better potion the market and meet the customer acceptance.

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