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In groups we often try to brainstorm in order to come up with a solution that best fits the problem at hand. Brainstorming is a way for group members to connect with their creative side so that way the group can have as many options as possible for the solution. When We brainstorm we do not criticize or evaluate different ideas, but encourage them. It is good practice of brainstorming to first generate ideas by yourself, then in a group. Brainstorming happens every day and many of us brainstorm on how we will solve problems in our everyday lives.
Brainstorming happens in 5 steps or guidelines one should follow. The first guideline is setting up rules for the group on brainstorming. I create rules of brainstorming by getting together as a group and stating that each will individually brainstorm and bring back our ideas next class for our small group project. The second guideline includes setting the attention of the group towards the problem that needs to be solved. For our small group our specific problem is how to solve poverty and hunger. Problems can be “specific and concrete to something abstract and intangible” (162). For our class specifically each group has a different problem to solve depending on the organization it is working with. Some Problems may be even how to raise money for a club on campus in the fastest and easiest way possible. Brainstorming can help decide what the best solution is to the specific problem, but step two describes that we must clarify the problem at hand.
After clarifying step two in brainstorming we follow the guidance of step three of members producing as many solutions to the defined problem as possible. The goal of this step is to come up with as many solutions as possible. There is no c...

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...have each person brain write to avoid any hesitation from others. In my current small group, we partake in electronic brainstorming. Each of us sat down at a computer and found articles that we thought was best fit to the solutions to the problem. After finding our articles we then posted them to google docs where we are now in the process of evaluating them. This makes it easier for everyone to find articles that connects to them. When we tired of thinking of new ideas we take a brake and talk about each other’s lives. I like to as all my groups what we plan on doing over the weekend and we also do it in our class when (Dr. Davis) asks us how our weekend was or even what is happening this weekend, giving us a break from thinking about school related items so we can start fresh. Brainstorming is important to do and is the best way to come up with the best solutions.

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