Brain Structure and Post Traumatic Brain Injury Essay

Brain Structure and Post Traumatic Brain Injury Essay

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Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have been shown to have a great impact on several specific structures in the brain of both immediate and long-term damage. Often preoccupation can be focused into the immediate outcomes. The immediate concerns of TBI are without doubt important but this often creates ignorance in terms of the long-term consequences that may follow an individual impacted by TBI into subsequent years. As one will come to recognize, this is of particular concern in terms of children who survive TBI. It was once believed that due to development, children were less vulnerable to TBI in comparison to mature, adult brains but research of childhood TBI has found this conjecture to be false (Beauchamp et al., 2011). As discussed in the article “Lights Out”, research on rats in enriched versus normal stimulating environments, have allowed researchers to presume that enrichment such as classroom education might not actually be encouraging brain growth or dendrites to make connections, post TBI in children (Yeoman, 2004). As a result, the brain may not be able to grow properly during the developmental periods experienced in childhood that are required to be able to be at the expected levels of childhood capacities, such as cognitive function, that a child who has not experienced a TBI would achieve in normal, unaffected development (Yeoman, 2004).
When considering the seriousness of pediatric TBI, one must not forget that the brain is still developing, therefore TBI injuries both immediate and long-term consequences, may pose threats neurologically, psychologically, behaviorally and socially. It is important to note that a “good recovery” is possible as 22% of severe cases, 36% of moderate and 57% of mild TBI experience little...

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