Essay about The Brain Only Stores Meaningful Information

Essay about The Brain Only Stores Meaningful Information

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The brain only stores meaningful information because:
In the forward of Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction (Erickson, 2002.), Carol Ann Tomlinson writes, “Facts devoid of meaning are stillborn. When we deliver information to students without breathing life into it, we have done no more than throw sand in their faces” (p.viii). I believe this is a powerful visual as one contemplates why the brain only stores meaningful information.
Our brain does more than we can imagine. It is the center for controlling automatic bodily functions, the housing of our emotions and thoughts, has the ability to problem-solve, is imaginative and inventive, and does so much more! The human brain learns and stores information naturally through life experiences and as it makes connections to what we already know.
We have two different kinds of memory: spatial memory and rote memory. Spatial memory comes naturally through experiences and may also be connected to prior knowledge, but rote memory is usually a forced memorization that is distinctively intended for storing relatively unrelated information. Learning is done best through experiential learning, connected to some emotion, or other real life activity. The brain will only store meaningful information because it needs something important to connect it to in order to actually store it.
“Standards provide background information for the teacher regarding key concepts and critical content” (Erickson, 2002, p. 2). The teacher uses the standards to plan classroom instruction and activities to ensure the students learn and understand the concepts. Brain-based learning adds that this learning should be connected to prior knowledge, personal experience, positive emotions, etc. We can provide activities ...

... middle of paper ... need to develop deeper conceptual and content knowledge across the disciplines. The national standards are a valuable resource for teachers as they pursue a deeper understanding of their disciplines.” (p.3)
It is necessary for students to develop deeper understanding in order to promote problem solving and thinking beyond the facts, or active learning. Teachers must have background information regarding key concepts/critical content in order for students to have greater depth of understanding.
“…Providing a problem-solving context for actively engaging students in the thoughtful application of knowledge is an important variable in increasing learning” (Erickson, 2002, p. 7). Requiring students to use higher-level and integrative thought processes increased student understanding. Teachers need to think beyond the facts in order to help their students to do the same.

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