The Brain Is An Astonishing Product Of Evolution Essay

The Brain Is An Astonishing Product Of Evolution Essay

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The brain is an astonishing product of evolution. This can be seen by our numerous technological developments and society structure. The brain has always been the most important organ for species that had developed past the cellular stage and has always performed the same functions that it does now but has developed constantly to where it is now through growth and a reorganization of its’ primary functions and gained the ability to learn has been something that the human brain does better than other brains. Our brains have not always been like this and many social and biological factors have led us to where they are now.
The brain of an organism has always been the most important organ that one can possess. The brain is the control center of all of the body’s functions and without it any advanced organism would die without it. Single celled organisms have no need for a complex brain because most everything that is required for them to continue living is controlled by the nucleus of the cell which acts as a simple brain. The earliest of all species with a vertebrate ancestor that had past the individual cell or small group of cooperating cells was a form of fish. These early fish had a very simple form of brain that was just enough to control all of the bodily functions required for living and enough sensory equipment for basic knowledge of their surroundings. Some very early complex organization of the brain occurred in early reptiles roughly 300,000,000 years ago such as, increased visual perception. These traits were then passed on to the early mammals whose genome split form the reptiles roughly 280,000,000 years ago. Once mammals had split off from the reptiles their brains required an increase in sensory perception because o...

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... fight. Another would be that they are able to maintain our social structure and government that they have developed because of our ability to understand others and our trust in others to help us when they need it. Lastly would be our ability to problem solve giving us the capability to overcome any obstacle they find in our way such as how to not be killed by stronger animals, how to kill those other animals, how to transport large objects or a large sum of small objects.
The brain is the most astonishing thing that was every created through evolution starting as a single organelle of a cell. The brain originally created to manage all of the functions of early multicellular creatures has now evolved to the point where it is many times bigger and can control the complex emotions and bodily functions and hold all of the memories of all modern species of vertebrates.

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