Essay about Brain Gym Learning Program

Essay about Brain Gym Learning Program

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With this article I want to educate people on the idea that you need help with test scores and the answer is not only reading from a book. The way to reach to students that are struggling is to make things active and watch how much more children will be interested in learning.
In 1960s Paul E. Dennison, “a specialist in kinesiology and an authority on the breakthrough in cognitive and academic skill, began the seminal research into reading achievement and its relation to brain development that would form the basis for the Brain Gym work(” With his study he proved that the movement-based learning program had improved peoples learning challenges into successes. Later while still trying to develop a full proof program he offered students a, “sensory development, which helped the students with equilibrium and perceptual skills (” As he was pushing through college he was offered a Doctorate in Education for his research. He began the, “study for reading achievement and its relationship to genitive development and silent speech skills. From that research he would develop Educational Kinesiology (Edu-k), which was discovered on his observation in understand of the interdependence of physical development, language acquisition, and academic achievement (”
From Paul’s hard work and many years of trials he came up with the Brain Gym program. The program describes a specific set of movement, processes, programs, materials, and educational philosophy. Eyes, ears, hands, and the body is the only thing that is involved with the Brain Gym program. What the Brain Gym program is supposed to work on is the, “…relationship of movement to preconcep...

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...t should be getting the same amount of work out time as your body is getting. Let’s change the stereotype of people, and let’s show that with a little bit of exercise how things can change even the worst test scores.

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