Essay on Bra Boys : Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Essay on Bra Boys : Blood Is Thicker Than Water

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In the documentary ‘Bra Boys: Blood is thicker than Water’, the harsh violent scenes of the surf gang, contrast with the beautiful Sydney beaches, showing no parallel whatsoever. The documentary leaves audiences shocked and disgusted at the brutality displayed by the gang, suggesting that Sunny Abberton did more harm than good in his documentary.

The documentary was made in 2007, with 200 plus notorious surf members including Sunny’s brothers, Koby, Jai and Dakota Abberton. It shows the cultural evolution of the inner-Sydney beachside suburb of Maroubra, a depressed suburban community East of Sydney, riddled with drugs, crime, street violence and broken families. All four boys passionately surf which helps them to cope with a disfunctional family background. Their violence and intimidation have ruined many lives for people at Maroubra, an otherwise friendly and democratic place. Once a beach for families, Maroubra is now riddled with social issues, tattooed youth and violence.

The machismo of the Bra Boys, may be positively shown in the surfing scene, but it is negatively demonstrated when they are fighting rival gangs or the police. There is no question that this surf gang see themselves as protagonists and the authorities as antagonists. No one but a complete idiot would believe that these gangs are anything but victims.

One young surfer commented, "I 've only had one run-in with a Bra Boy. I dropped in on one of their waves and he started threatening to kill me." What if you were a teenager living at the coast, surfing at the beach and the next minute one of the Bra Boys were threatening to kill you. This is not a man. Their distrust of authority boiled over at the end of December 2002 and is explicitly seen in the docum...

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...m that they have to prove themselves to be apart of a group when young people should just be themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. The nonappearance of woman in the Bra Boys could be a sign there is things the filmmakers do not want the audience to know about. Where are the real men of Maroubra?

The Bra Boys are not real men. The versions of masculinity being valorised in Sunny’s documentary are pathetic excuses for men. The question is, what does it mean to be a real man? Protective of family, respectful to woman and themselves and takes pride in appearance. The continued violence, type of mateship and the limited amount of females shown throughout the documentary is disturbing and distressing. Now answer this, does this violent gang show what a real man is? Cheyne Horan says it himself in the documentary, “boys from Maroubra, nothing but trouble”.

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