BP's Unethical Behavior Essay

BP's Unethical Behavior Essay

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When an environmental disaster occurs, like massive ocean oil leaks, it should be considered if the company and government employees responsible of taking the decisions acted correctly and therefore, the disaster could not have been avoided. “The Deepwater Horizon disaster is [has been] confirmed as the biggest ever accidental release of oil into the oceans” (Black, 2010, para. 1). This issue has been controversial and much disputed among the last few years; however, there has not been much discussion about the ethical values and behavior of the company. The Government should take action against BP and its executives because the company is acting unethically trying to evade its responsibilities and the consequences of the disaster. It is illicit to make as much money as one can in a business without a care for the environment. Moreover, BP has not accomplished the ethical values that has announced and its Chief executive has been acting unethically-

BP is acting unethically trying to evade its responsibilities and the consequences of the disaster. The arguments heard from the company to explain the possible causes of the oil rig explosion are quite different from those which correspond to most the trusted people like congressmen or researchers.
Transocean and BP carried out investigations to determine the cause of the explosion. The chief executive of Transocean, Steve Newman, stated that the explosion had occurred due to a failure of the casing or/and the cement and added that without a failure of one of those elements, the explosion could not have occurred. Both investigated the type of cement used in the well, BP investigators concluding that the problem was the nitrogen-foamed cement that had been used, but instead of takin...

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...ing about $118,000 in costs.

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