Boyhood, By Richard Linklater Essay

Boyhood, By Richard Linklater Essay

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I have chosen to review the film Boyhood written by Richard Linklater that took twelve years to film. In the movie Boyhood, it illustrates the life of a boy named Mason Jr. through the many stages of his childhood to adolescence to becoming an adult. The movie follows Mason Jr.’s life through his years of kindergarten, middle school, high school, and to college. Through these milestones in his life encounters society with socialization, culture and norms that are exhibited through his family, friends, and others. With factors of social classes, and gender that influence Mason Jr. as he grows and fits into the society that is formed. From the events and milestones in Boyhood, it is able to show human behaviour in society from our childhood years to adulthood as it influences our own self through social stratification.
Primary socialization in Boyhood, I think draws on the thought of how much we learn from each other from birth. Though, only the film starts off with a six-year old Mason Jr. he learns values and norms from his mother, sister, father, and other boyfriend’s hi...

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