Boycott Beauty Companies Now Essay

Boycott Beauty Companies Now Essay

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Women’s beauty is becoming more and more influence by beauty companies. Most beauty companies that highly influence women are those that are adjusted to idealizing thin, flawless, malnutrition models. This sort of promotion around the world is causing society to pass down a primitive teaching of beauty that our backward ancestors had preached and passed down from their ancestors as well. Instead of encouraging the younger generations to idealize the typical skinny Caucasian celebrity woman, society should be more supportive of all type of physical beauty. We, as the mass majority, must discourage beauty companies from stereotyping what beauty is. We must boycott and create petitions to fight against false beauty. Once society agreed to accept a wide range of physical beauty and change our demand of beauty, only then we can change the influences that beauty companies create for our younger generations.
Physical beauty has a history of negative effects on women from all over the world. From the British Broadcasting Corporation there is an article about Elizabeth Bathory, who was a countess from a noble family of the Kingdom of Hungary in the 1500s. Bathory was widely known for killing young female virgins and bathing in their blood in belief that the blood will restore her youthful skin ("Elizabeth Bathory – the…"). Elizabeth Bathory, like many other women, was obsessed with her physical features and went to an extreme length to achieve that young appearance that she so desired. If inner beauty was greatly promoted in the 1500s, Elizabeth Bathory would have been more accepting of various types of physical beauty and might have embraced herself more. If Bathory truly understood her unique beauty and self worth she would not have mur...

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