Boudicca's Revolt against Roman Rule in Britain Essay

Boudicca's Revolt against Roman Rule in Britain Essay

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Boudicca was and still is in the eyes of many a national hero. Boudicca is an extremely important part of English and Roman history as she led the only revolt that actually threatened the Roman rule in Britain. Boudicca’s attitude was a true reflection of the way all Celtic people felt about the Roman rule. It is because of this that she was able to unit many Celts on a common cause, during a time of a great cultural and national change. Yet, like all humans Boudicca had her flaws, and though rare on occasions she made irrational choices.
Boudicca lived and died in the first century, a time when the Roman Empire was continuing to expand. Although the Romans first expedition to Briton (modern day Britain) was carried out by Julius Caesar in 55 BC it was nearly one hundred years later that the Romans under Emperor Claudius in 43 AD that a full scale invasion was launched.
When the Romans Invaded Briton each Celtic tribe was treated differently. The Celtic Iceni tribe kept out of the violent conflict, and because of this they were awarded ‘client kingdom’ status by the Romans. Being a client kingdom meant that the Iceni tribe maintained a considerable amount of independence. They were allowed to keep their rulers, and they were allowed to mint coin. They were bound by treaty to Rome, who in return would back them up, often against rival tribes. Yet the Romans took the view that they had the authority, to at any time intervene in the internal affairs of their client kingdoms. On the other hand the main city of the Trinovantes tribe, which was located just south of the Iceni tribe, was declared by Emperor Claudius as the capital of his British province. The Trinovantes people lost their freedom as well as having most of the...

... middle of paper ... occupation of Briton that the Romans were tested and nearly broke. She stood up and showed the Romans how all Celtic people felt about their Roman rulers. Although some of the actions displayed by Boudicca and her horde may have seemed brutal, even barbaric to some, this was reflection of the time she lived in. Boudicca’s revolt was an act of revenge and the lack of respect shown to the Celtic people, in particular Boudicca and her family, by the Romans was reflected the way the Celtic people reacted. If Boudicca had of succeeded in defeating Suetonius in this last battle, the Romans would have retreated and the history of Britain would have been extremely different. Boudicca was not only a national hero but hero to all women as she led a revolt that challenged the foreign Roman rule, in a time when women were viewed by most as weak and inferior to men.

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