Bottles Have Labels Not People Essay

Bottles Have Labels Not People Essay

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Labels carry strong attributes, one of the harshest the is negative effects of labeling. You can negatively label yourself or others. "Just one those things. You know, everybody makes mistakes. And a dead nigger ain 't really such big mistake when you think about it. Matter of fact you mize well forget the whole thing. Nigger wasn 't going nowhere, nohow. I mean he wasn 't no brain surgeon or astronaut, no movie star or big-time athlete" (Bartholomae, Petrosky, "Our Time", p. 662). In the event that society or you consider yourself or other as a nigger, that individual is present as just another black indolent person in the public eyes; he or she conveys the attributes of that negative label and that title sticks. Robbie really seen Garth as a good friend and not just other nigger with no future. Robbie came the from the ghetto he felt as if no cared about Garth or himself. The doctors seen Garth as other nigger, a nobody doctors waited until too late to diagnosis Garth. In the essays of Dick Gregory, Richard Rodriguez, Alice Walker, John Wideman, and in personal experience that has occurred in my life, the negative effect of labeling reduces individuals to a particular subculture whether or not the individuals resist identifying themselves with the labels.
In Dick Gregory case as a seven-year-old child, his teacher had many labels for him from the begin. None of the labels she gave him were good. Gregory takes us through what he thinks teacher thinks of him "Back of the room, in a seat with a chalk circle drawn around it. The idiot 's seat, the troublemaker 's seat." (Gregory,17). From Gregory perspective, the teacher saw him as a troublemaker. As a result of the teacher negative label of a troubl...

... middle of paper ...

...nd mistake baby.
We use negative labeling as a mechanism to reduce someone and notwithstanding that a person isn 't defined by a label. Throughout all the essays from Dick Gregory, Richard Rodriguez, Alice Walker, John Wideman, also from personal experience that negative effect of labeling reduces individuals to a subculture whether or not the individuals resist identifying themselves with the labels. Before you framing a person to a label or you as individual labeling yourself or other. Attempt to association with the individual and yourself without a label. Yet, in any event, it will demonstrate to you that the label cast you as or had thought about another individual, most likely ended up being incorrect. Become more acquainted with others and you won 't want to label them. People tend to neglect introspection of other. The front line of our identity is a label.

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