Born for Cinema: The Complex Relationship Between Children and Moving Images

Born for Cinema: The Complex Relationship Between Children and Moving Images

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The relationship between childhood and cinema is a fascination which is very common. Childhood is a founding experience, and one which every adult has had. Its influence is evident in popular cinema, including animated and live action features concerning fantasy and fairy tales. These animated films are the first experiences most children have with the world of moving images. Due to their young age, children are more open to the existence of the supernatural. This makes them exemplary on screen heroes for films concerning magic and fantasy, as well as viewers for such films. The analysis of such films, as well as any others, cannot take away the basic joy of watching a good movie. Elements of the aforementioned topics will be examined in detail, and conclusions will be drawn thereof.
Animated cartoons are an inescapable childhood experience. They are the first images children are exposed to in the world of moving images, and are easily taken in by young minds. Kids are exposed to these images through DVDs, the internet, the cinema, and ancillary consumer products associated with popular animated children’s films. The genre of “animated film” has become almost entirely synonymous with that of “children’s film.” Cartoons, both traditionally and computer drawn, are an art form of pure imagination, as the artist can draw or create anything that comes to mind. Children are naturally very in tune with their imagination, therefore children and animation are a natural combination. These animated moving images help children grow their imaginations. While Disney dominates the animation industry, other sources like Fox have made ways with hits such as Anastasia.
Fairy tales are stories about magical realms and creatures. Films that depi...

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...supernatural, as well as traditional fairy tales. Animated moving images are a founding experience between children and cinema. Children are still learning, which naturally allows them to be more open to the idea of the supernatural. Such openness justifies their roles as heroes in magical and fantasy films, and viewers of such media. The notion that analysis kills the joy of watching a good movie is unfounded; such analysis enhances the viewer’s overall experience by providing criteria with which to judge the quality of the film. All of these aforementioned ideas have been analyzed in detail, with the conclusion that film and childhood have a complex and natural relationship, which must be analyzed to truly be appreciated.

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