Borders Should be Tightened to Prevent Illegal Immigration Essay

Borders Should be Tightened to Prevent Illegal Immigration Essay

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In coming to grips, the law needs to do more to tighten the borders in Texas to prevent illegal immigration from crossing over trafficking drugs.
The White House stated that President Bush would have a debate on illegal immigration. White House officials said Mr. Bush had always understood the need to protect the border as a former governor of a border state, Texas Ruttenberg, J. (2006, May 13). Mr. Bush was considering a bill to increase law enforcements and military personnel patrolling the border to increase the use of high surveillance tools and to increase the enforcement against illegal immigrants and drugs (
98% of illegal immigrants arrested between October 1, 2000 and September 30, 2005 were never prosecuted for illegally entering Texas according to an Associate Press analysis of federal data (2007). Meanwhile, those 5.2 million immigrants were escorted back across the border and turned lose. Still many of the immigrants tried to slip into the U.S again. The number of immigrants prosecuted annually triple during that five year period (
The federal prosecutors along the nation’s southern border have come under pressure from politicians and from top officials in the Justice Department to pursue more cases against illegal immigrants. Not many politicians are suggesting the government prosecute everyone caught slipping across the border. Despite about 1 million immigrants stopped each year; however that will overwhelm the nation priso...

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98% of illegal immigrants Crossing U.S border are never prosecuted (2007, April)

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