Borderline Personality Disorder Is Characterized By A Rather Large Variety Of Symptoms

Borderline Personality Disorder Is Characterized By A Rather Large Variety Of Symptoms

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Borderline Personality Disorder is characterized by a rather large variety of symptoms which include interpersonal relationship difficulties, impulsive behaviors, affective instability, and cognitive deficits. (Glenn, Bagge, and Osman 2013) Given the varying characteristics of borderline personality disorder along with depression, substance abuse, and negative life circumstances the statistics show adolescents and young adults are at a higher risk for suicidal ideation, suicidal attempts and suicidal completion.
Suicidal behavior is reported to occur in up to 84% of patients with BPD. (Black, Blum, Pfoh, and Hale 2004) It is important to distinguish the difference between suicidal acts and those of deliberate self-harm or self-mutilation. While both deliberate self-harm and self-mutilation can be life threatening neither are usually performed because the person wants to die. Of those who attempt suicide approximately 62% participate in self-mutilation and a report by Stone, Stone, and Hurt stated that the likelihood of suicide in those who participate in deliberate self-harm is more than double. (Black, et al. 2004) Tension relief, self-punishment and the need for attention are just a few psychological issues that lead those who suffer from borderline personality disorder to participate in deliberate self-harm. (Black, et al. 2004) Quite often these episodes of deliberate self-harm are the result of an emotional break or major disappointment. These episodes of deliberate self-harm can show themselves in a variety of ways; cutting, burning, head banging, or non-serious drug overdose. While these are all harmful and some can leave per...

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...suicide attempts were increased by comorbid substance abuse and comorbid major depression. (Black, et al. 2004) Also noted was that while suicide gestures can be linked to borderline personality disorder individually the more serious attempts at suicide were present more often in comorbidity. (Black, et al. 2004)
Suicide attempts in women suffering from borderline personality disorder vary in age, seriousness, quantity, history of family variables, eating disorder, psychotic symptoms and those with generalized anxiety disorder. The possibility of adapting to internal distress is thought possible of those suffering from borderline personality disorder after identifying generalized anxiety disorder as a risk factor.
It is important to remember that patients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder suffer and resort to suicide to stop the pain and suffering.

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