Bootlegging and Al Capone Essay

Bootlegging and Al Capone Essay

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In 1919, the Eighteenth Amendment was passed, this amendment made the consumption and sell of alcohol illegal. A group of people referred to as “moral reformers” felt that banning the sell and consumption of alcohol would better protect the lives of people as well as make them better (Rose). Businesses, such as industrial businesses, believed that it would better productivity if the workers could remain sober. The Volsted Act was passed shortly after the Eighteenth Amendment to make sure it was enforced since local authorities did not do such; there were only fifteen hundred agents to enforce the law and the act was also underfunded. Therefore, the Prohibition was not enforced well enough and the organized crime rates increased as gangsters and mobsters began to get into the bootlegging business (Rose).
Chicago was the height of bootlegging and Al Capone took advantage of that. Capone had moved to Chicago in 1919 with Johnny Torrio (Rose). Once in Chicago, he moved his way up in the mobster life; Capone went from a gang member, to Johnny Torrio’s right hand man, to the boss (Encyclopedia of World Biography). As the boss of one of the largest organized crime mobs, he proved himself as an entrepreneur. Capone shortly became the head of Chicago’s largest speakeasies, bookie joints, brothels, gambling houses, and race tracks, where he bootlegged alcohol. Capone was known as this big shot after him and Torrio set up the assassination of the former mob boss Colissimo and after Torrio left him in charge when he fled the country (Encyclopedia of World Biography); Capone was given the honor of being the manager of Chicago’s alcohol trade. (Rose)
The people of Chicago had been against the Prohibition Act the whole time; they ...

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In 1938, Capone was transferred to Terminal Island Prison in Southern California to finish his sentence once it was discovered that he had been suffering from syphilis for many years (Al Capone on Alcatraz). In 1939, he was released into his brother and wife’s care, his mental state was slowly deteriorating and on January 25, 1947, Al Capone died in his Florida mansion (Phelps & Lehman).
Al Capone was a criminal who did what he had to do to make it to the top and stay there. He didn’t care about who he killed because he caused hundreds of deaths and he didn’t care about who he had to strike a deal with because he corrupted many, he really didn’t care about the law because he broke it for a decade by bootlegging. Between the mobsters, bootlegging, murder, and corruption, he was brought to justice by tax evasion. Capone was just a relentless criminal.

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