Boosting One's Self-Esteem

Boosting One's Self-Esteem

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Boosting One's Self-Esteem

The way we feel about ourselves has a huge affect on the way we treat
ourselves and others, and on the kinds of choices we make. Here are
some things you can do to protect, raise, or reinforce your

Long term

In the next 6 months Bianca would have produced a positive self-
esteem. She will feel comfortable and confident with herself.

Short Term

Short term targets I have set for Bianca is to feel confident in
herself. Through out this time Bianca will be using steps and I have
made for her in order for things to get back on track.

Week 1 : Ignore (and stay away from) people who put you down or treat
you badly, do things that you enjoy or that make you feel good.

Week 2 : Do things you are good at, reward yourself for your successes
and develop your talents.

Week 3 :Be your own best friend - treat yourself well and do things
that are good for you. Make good choices for yourself, and don't let
others make your choices for you. Take responsibility for yourself,
your choices, and your actions, always do what you believe is right,
be true to yourself and your values.

Week 4 : Respect other people and treat them right, set goals and work
to achieve them.

If you need to express your feelings at anytime always have a friend
you could talk to whom you trust to help you.
Giving up alcohol

Long term

I have set Bianca a target to give up alcohol completely in the next 2
months or so.

Short Term

Short term target I have set for her is to cut down on alcohol each

Week 1

Decide what your aim is. Do you want to give up alcohol altogether? Or
do you want to cut down to within particular daily limits?

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Or maybe
you want to avoid binge-drinking and all the problems that go with it.
The decision is yours but be clear about what you want to achieve.

Week 2

Pick a day in the next week to start cutting down. Go for a day when
you are likely to be relaxed and not under pressure. Plan ahead for a
day when it is easier to avoid alcohol. No more than 13 units this

Week 3

Work out how you can avoid situations when you know you end up
drinking more. If you often drink at home, stock up on alternatives to
alcohol, like alcohol-free beer or soft drinks. You might like to tell
other people that you are cutting back, this should avoid them putting
pressure on you to drink and they might even join in. No more than 11
units this week.

Week 4

Don't give up giving up! Changing habits like drinking takes time and
hard work and sometimes it is difficult to drink less. Keep focusing
on the positive things you have achieved. No more than 9 units this

Week 5

If Bianca continues to find it difficult to cut down she could see a
trained alcohol counsellor to help her develop new strategies or
contact Drink line on 0800 917 8282 for advice. No more than 7 units.


· Have at least two drink-free nights a week

· Drink one soft drink with every alcoholic drink

· Eat before starting to drink

· Dilute your drink with mixers

· Stick to the recommended weekly and daily units


How to give up Cannabis and smoking

Treatment programmes for marijuana addiction are a recent development.
Now most cities offer some help for people who want to quit. There are
no medications to help users give up. Rehabilitation programmes
involve counselling and group therapy.

There are also programmes specifically designed to help teenagers who
are addicted.

Long Term

In the next year or so I have set a long term target for Bianca to
give up smoking completely, this includes both cigarettes and

Day 1: Throwaway all cigarettes, even hidden emergency packs. You must
eliminate all temptation to smoke.
Day 2: Clean and put away all ashtrays.
Day 3: Completely deodorize your house, car and clothing of stale
cigarette smoke.
Day 4: Ask friends and relatives not to smoke in your house or car for
one week while you are on this program.

Patches: discreet and easy to use, patches work by releasing a steady
dose of nicotine into the blood stream, via the skin. Some patches are
intended to be worn during the day only and other "24-hour" patches
are designed for 24-hour use in order to help stave off early morning
cravings. Patches should be applied to a hairless part of your body
such as your upper arm but don't use in the same place two days
running. You shouldn't smoke while your patch is on or use any other
form of NRT unless advised by your GP. A week's supply of patches
costs in the region of £15, although you can now ask your GP to make
it available to you on prescription.

Gum: gum allows you to control your nicotine dose. Learning to chew
the gum properly is important. The idea is to chew gently until you
get the flavour and then "park" the gum in your cheek so that nicotine
is absorbed through the lining of the mouth.

Nasal spray: this is the strongest form of NRT and is a small bottle
of nicotine solution, which is sprayed directly into the nose.
Absorbed faster than any other kind of NRT, this can help heavier
smokers, especially where other forms of NRT have failed.

Cold turkey

Stopping without any kind of aid. Although physical symptoms can be
more extreme in the early few days, they fade away within the first
two or three weeks. Most people give up smoking using this method.

Inhalator: is a plastic device shaped like a cigarette with a nicotine
cartridge fitted into it. Sucking on the mouthpiece releases nicotine
vapour, which gets absorbed through your mouth and throat. Inhalators
are useful for people who miss the hand-to-mouth action of smoking

Short term

In the next 4 months or so I have set a short term target for Bianca
to smoking cannabis.

Day 1 :Place a limit on how much you smoke

Day 2: Avoid people and places which make you want to smoke cannabis.

Day 3 :Find a support person to cut down with

Day 4: Keep a diary of how much you using

Day 5: Have some smoke free days a week

Day 6: Reward yourself for sticking to your goal.

Day 7: Withdrawal symptoms include irritability, mood swings,
headaches, and problems sleeping

Use the same symptoms for giving up smoking when your trying to give
up cannabis.
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