Booming Agriculture: Mesopotamia, Gold Rush, and Potato Plant Essay

Booming Agriculture: Mesopotamia, Gold Rush, and Potato Plant Essay

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The historical land of Mesopotamia significantly contributed to early civilization in relation to its close proximity to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and rich fertile land it provided. The rivers offered the people of Mesopotamia fertile soil, irrigation water for crops and fishing, and also supplied an abundance of wild barley and wheat for food or could stored as a food supply.
The first settlers of Mesopotamia learned to cultivate and harvest crops, which would provide a bountiful supply for food. This enabled the people to settle and create villages, which eventually led to larger communities and cities. People no longer had to move throughout the land hunting animals in order to feed but instead could live off the land and in turn learned to domestic their animals for multiple uses (Easeen, 12/2007).
Though the river had many benefits it also had, it’s disadvantages such as flooding and water shortages related to droughts (Soomo, 2013). Mesopotamians had to be inventive and so created levy’s, canals and irrigations systems to help them adapt to the river’s challenges. They learned how to live with these environmental factors and came up with inventive strategies to overcome obstacles.
For the people of Mesopotamia living near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers created many achievements to the settlers lives. They built homes, shops and had a temple for worship and as the population grew so too did the need to create a civil existence. The Priest and Kings held hierarchy and then eventually came the written law for people to follow (Easeen, 12/2007).
It also provided many of the social fundamental values that still carry on in societies today. Their innovations of government, commerce, taxes farming, town...

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