Essay on Books Vs. Watching A Fictional Movie

Essay on Books Vs. Watching A Fictional Movie

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Some people consider it a waste of time to read fiction novels versus watching a fictional movie. People say there is no reason to let your mind wander in a fantasy world when there is much more to learn about the real world. The real truth is whether one reads fiction or nonfiction, it puts her ahead of the rest of the population. There are many reasons that children and teens today need to read more fiction novels.
The first reason is that fiction novels expand creativity. Our creative processes are fed through new ideas and perspectives. Fiction allows our brains to see the world through new “lenses.” In a fiction novel, it allows one to see and feel how the character sees and feels. Fiction novels expand our creative processes to influence how we think to open us to new ideas.
Our ability to develop imagination in adulthood is determined by reading fiction novels at a young age. When one watches a fictional movie, everyone sees the exact same thing because that is what the director put in front of us. With a fictional novel, it allows our brain to use the creative process and imagine different things. Two people reading the same novel may not picture the same things in their minds.
Another important reason to read fiction novels is it influences emotions. Being taken into the fantasy of a fiction novel can influence an entire range of emotions. When reading, the reader can see, hear, feel, smell, and taste everything the character can see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. Fictional novels tell an emotional story.
According to Goldstein, a person reading fiction tends to react more strongly towards a story than when he/she would read a non-fictional story, because fiction provides a safe arena in which a reader can experien...

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... the highest price, not giving anyone time to sit on it and think. Using theory of mind in this social interaction makes people cautious of his motives and more skeptical about how good of a deal they’re really being presented here. Similar simulations in fiction translate well into the real life by teaching people a thing or two about social interaction. Different responses are elicited by different people based on what they read, and it has been found that fiction elicits a greater response than non-fiction.
To review, fiction develops one’s cognitive functions in social situations by simulating social models in one’s head based on fictional experiences. In essence, society throws a person who reads fiction less “curve balls” because she’s prepared for a variety of interactions picked up from works of fiction. Don’t neglect your cognitive abilities – read fiction!

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