The Books Of Prophets And The Old Testament Essay

The Books Of Prophets And The Old Testament Essay

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To add, much like the other sections of the Old Testament, the Books of Prophets also had an all-encompassing theme: To return to or to remain in covenant faith by being connected with God. So in general sight, God used the prophets as messengers to help His people to both, stay in covenant with Him or to return to covenant with Him. So, one may ask, how does this connect to the overall themes of: to (1) Love God, Love each other, Love God’s environment and to (2) Trust, Believe, and Obey God. All-in-all, God wanted His people back in covenant and in a spiritual relationship with Him. God wanted to inflict His Love upon us, and for us to mirror His Love upon others and his world. In order for God to achieve this greater purpose, He had to use His prophets to help bring back and to keep His children. Once again, God heard His children cry out to Him; for they have turned away from Him. They did not fully trust in Him, they did not believe in Him, and the surely did not obey Him. So what did our Heavenly father do? He offered His people a way out of their mess and back into His loving hands and covenant.
In closing of this section of my studies, I would like to call attention to the question: Can we trust God through our trials? It seems that throughout the Books of the Old Testament that many of God’s people trusted in their own ability to conquer over His ability to conquer; even after God proved so many times that He was their answer. So what can be derived from this question on why or why not to trust God? According to Evans (2004) he explained that “Trials are adverse or negative circumstances that God either brings about directly or allows in order to develop us spiritually (p. 2).” Now how many people can attest that when the...

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...ple offered unmarked, unspotted animal, which were without blemishes as atonement for their sins. God later during the plagues of Egypt and the day of the Lord’s Passover, pointed to Jesus, as the Jews put the blood of the sacrificial lamb on their doors so that overnight they may be speared by the death angel. This is the same as with Abraham and his test to sacrifice Isaac. This was a replica pf what was to come as well; God near the end of completion intervened through Jesus, and offered a replacement for Isaac. Overall, I am happy to say that today we all have Salvation, it’s at the tip of our tongue. We don’t have to go out and search for an unblemished lamb, goat, or so forth. All we have to is submit to His will and not that of our own, sin. We must simply and wholeheartedly submit, and confess Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, the atonement paid for our sins.

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