The Book Visions Apparitions Alien Visitors By Hilary Evans Essay

The Book Visions Apparitions Alien Visitors By Hilary Evans Essay

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Movies like “Haunting in Connecticut” or “The Grudge” are fairly well-known and it is understood that they revolve around the concept of hauntings. Hollywood makes hauntings out to be nothing more than a vengeful spirit out for blood, however hauntings are so much more than that. In order to better understand the concept of a haunting and in turn to better understand the local legend of Gibbs Bridge, a firm grasp of exactly what traits a haunting encompasses is essential. The book Visions Apparitions Alien Visitors by Hilary Evans clearly states what the characteristics of haunting consists of in chapter 1.7. She says, “Hauntings are characterized by the place where they are seen which they appear to frequent.” (Evans, 98). Evans points out that all hauntings usually consist of at least one of three traits, one being that hauntings occur with the same or similar entities seen over a period of time, which are also experienced by several people. The second is that usually hauntings are attached to strong emotions like sorrow or anger. Lastly, once at the location of the haunting people often carry out an action to initiate the haunting.
Hilary Evans says “Generally, when hauntings occur the apparitions of the same entity are seen over a considerable period in the same place and by several different people…” this is one of the major traits of hauntings (Evans, 98). After all, there would not be haunting cases, unless there was a spirit present. Although people agree upon the fact there must be a spirit present, it is not quite clear how often this entity must be seen in order for a location to be considered truly haunted. Gibbs Bridge is able to fit within Evan’s definition of a haunting due to the fact that various entities have bee...

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... must again turn off their car and drop their keys out of their right window and red eyes will appear in their review window. Yet another actually involves the participant to get out of the car and walk across the bridge. Although all of these actions have differences, there is one common element and that is the participant must park their car along or near the bridge itself.
Haunting seems like such a broad term and one that is used rather often. When a further investigation into that word has taken place, it is revealed that a haunting is a pattern at its core. There is the apparition, the trigger for the haunting, and the ritual that is done to initiate the haunting. In its most complete form, it may seem that hauntings are nothing more than rituals that the participants perform in order to make the end result of a good scare and a story to differentiate friends.

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