The Book Thief And Nazi Germany Essay

The Book Thief And Nazi Germany Essay

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The Book Thief and Nazi Germany

The heavily proclaimed novel “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak is a great story that can help you understand what living in Nazi Germany was like. Throughout the story, the main character, Liesel goes through many hardships to cope with a new life in a new town and to come to the recognition of what the Nazi party is. Liesel was given up for adoption after her mother gave her away to a new family, who seemed harsh at first, but ended up being the people who taught her all the things she needed to know. Life with the new family didn’t start off good, but the came to love them and her new friend, Rudy. As the book carried along, it was revealed that the Hubermanns were not Nazi supporters, and even took in a Jew and hid him in their basement later on in the book. Liesel became great friends with the Jew living in her basement, Max, who shared many similarities which helped form their relationship. Both of them had a passion for reading, and Liesel read her books that she stole to him. Reading the “Book Thief” can help the readers understand how life in Germany was since it was very similar. The Book Thief 's portrayal of Nazi Germany was accurate regarding anti-nazi supporters and book burnings, but it wasn’t accurate on death marching.

In Nazi Germany, everyone was expected to follow the rules and agree with what the Nazi Party believed in, but some people did not. Liesel’s family didn’t agree with the Nazi Party, but they stayed quiet because they did not want to get in trouble. “Despite the high risk of being caught by police with the help of their many informers, some individuals and groups attempted to resist Nazism even in Germany” (Resistance) In Nazi Germany, there were many plots to assassi...

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