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Addy is a nine year old girl who lives with her Momma, Pappa, Sam her 15 year old brother and her one year old sister Ester. Addy and her family are slaves who work for Master Stevens. One night on a summer night sleep Addy heard her parents talking about running away. Pappa wanted Addy to be free. He is sick and tired of seeing his children work so hard. They were talking about how they have to take a chance. Pappa did not want to wait till the war was over. He wanted to be free, and to be able to run free and feel freedom. They were talking about that day when Sam tried to run away. That was about Last year right near when Ester was born. He tried to escape to freedom. But Master Stevens caught him and he got wiped.
Mamma Pappa and Addy sat and watched him get wiped. Addy was crying and could not figure out why her parents were not crying. She was saying they don't care about Sam. But Pappa stopped Addy from crying and told her that the do care about Sam they are hurting on the inside. When they wiped Sam his back was all covered in blood. Then his parents took care of his back. They were suppose to follow the train tracks and when the two train tracks cross that were they find a white women house her name was Mrs.Caroline, she will help them. That night Addy knew she just heard a very important secret and was to keep it to her self.

It was early in the morning when Addy had to do her jobs and chores. Her job was to work in the tobacco field and pull all the worms off the leaf. For one thing the worms were big as her thumb finger. She had to ether kill them her bare feet or hands. She was thinking about what her family would do if they were free. She thought about her clothes being as beautiful dresses, Pappa being paid so much for work, him buying so much food that they wil never ever go hungry. Addy started her next job to go and bring some water to the people working I the fields. She brought some water to Sam, usually Sam will have a riddle for her. Then Addy went to the kitchen to help Aunt Lula cook and serve Master Stevens.

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When she went to give her Master his food there was this other guy there to.
They were talking about how he does not have enough money to feed and take care of these slaves . So he was going to sell Sam and Pappa. Addy was poring water into her Masters cup she got so stunned she for got to watch the cup and spill the water on the table. She ran into the kitchen to tell Aunt Lula. Than Aunty Lula told her to act like she is going to the fields again to give some water she Was going to warn Sam and Pappa. But then the man saw her and said you go back to your chores time for water is up. So she ran back and saw her momma talking to Aunt Lula. Addy wanted to beat Master Stevens to the barn were her Pappa and Sam where. When she got there they had Sam and her pappa chained up. Addy went to huge her dad then the master told her to get off. And they rolled away with Pappa and Sam.

The next two weeks Addy was in the tobacco field doing her job. She was picking up big fat worms off the leaves. She was thinking about Pappa and Sam and how they use to play with her. She thought about the riddles that Sam said to her while she past. Adyy was so sad she missed some green worms off the leaves. The overseer wanted to see was she doing a good job. But he saw the leaves she missed picked them up and went towards Addy with a belt, But he dropped the whip and stuffed those worms down I her mouth. He told her to eat them or she had to eat more. So Addy ate the worms and started to move along and she started to cry. Then she went home. When Addy got home her mother had to tell her some thing.
She was telling Addy about she has a plan and they are going to run away. Addy knew what her Mamma was going to say next. She wanted to know how Addy knew she told her that she heard you and Pappa talking about it. So then Mamma told Addy that they were not bringing Ester with them . Then Addy started to cry and say you can not for get Ester. But her momma said that she will make to much nosie and get them caught. So she was going to give Ester to Aunt Lula and Uncle Solomon. So the next night they were going to run away.

In the next chapter Uncle Solomon and Aunt Lulu came over to get Ester from Addy and her Mother. They were about to leave off into the night so they can escape from freedom. Uncle Solomon gave Addy and her Mother two hats to were for a discise. And then Aunt Lulu gave Addy's mother A hang kerchiefs and drinking gourd. In the hand kerchiefs was pieces of Aunt Lulu cornbread and some snacks for them to eat. Aunt Lulu told Addy that any river you go by go through it. That is for if the Masters come looking for you they will not smell the sense of you. So Addy and her mother headed out for the night. They were running for a long time. Then both of them stopped at a cave were they could rest for the night. When they were int the cave Addy mother told her about the story of her great grandma who escape from freedom.
She had her necklace that she cared with her when here grandma escaped. Her mom wanted to give it to Addy when she was older. But they don't know if they were going to make it or not so she gave it to her. That night the slept together then they got up that sane night to run some more. Then Addy and her mother heard some thing it was the sound of water. When they got closer they saw a river. Then they rememberded what Aunt Lulu said. So they went through the river and in the middle the water was deep
and rough and Addy mom didi not know how to swim. Addy was holding her hand . When next thing you know Addy's mom got pulled

down by the water. Then Addy tried to go down in the water to see if she saw her mother but she didn't

There was a big tree that fell in thee water. When she got back for air she hit some thing it was her mother stuck to the tree branch in the water. Next Addy went back down to save her mother and she did. And they both were safe and wet from the river. So Addy and her mom continued to walk on when they saw a bush and behind it was a rail road track that is when they knew to follow it all the way down to were the rail road tracks meet. There they will find a white lady's house her name is Mrs. Caroline. She will help Addy and her mom there. So they went on walking then about a distance they saw the connection of the rail road track. Before they were seen by the soldiers who went hunting out. Thats when the soldier guy though that Addy was the black boy sevent who helps them.
Because she had her het own. So they told her to get them some water and go to sleep because it was bed time so Addy laid down and when all the soldiers went to sleep she left to her mom then they went to the house. They knocked on the door Mrs.
Caroline answered and said who are you . Addy and her mom answered as runaway slaves. First Mrs Caroline thought the people at the door was one of the soldiers asking for food. But then she
saw who it was she told them to come in and she will dry them off and help them. Mrs. Caroline put Addy in the bath and then gave her this pretty dress. The next morning Mrs. Caroline Put Addy and her Mom on the back of her wagon while she drove them to safety to the Train Station. Were they escapted to freedom. And lived a happy life from slaver. And still trying to put the family back together.
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